Forex Robot

A Forex Robot is a fully automated trading system in which buy and sell orders are placed in the foreign exchange market automatically based on an underlying system or program. One of the main aims of its design is to remove the psychological pitfalls of human trading when trying to adhere to a well back tested trading strategy.

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Forex Robots run as “Expert Advisors” on the Metatrader software platform. In recent years it has become quite lucrative to sell these pre-designed strategies with very little back testing or proof of profitability. At TraderDesign we only create automated trading algorithms that are based on your own profitable trading strategies.


It is impossible for any human to trade 24 hours a day in the foreign exchange market. This is where a Forex Robot gains the advantage of continuously trading and searching for trading opportunities based on strict Forex signals. A Forex Robot operates without fear and greed which are by far the biggest challenges facing any trader. A Forex Robot can identify and react to trading opportunities with lightning speed across multiple markets. This creates the potential to trade multiple complex trading strategies all at once.

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