Robot Trading

There are many varieties of Robot Trading. The majority are based on rigorous back testing of statistical probability in order to reduce risk and increase the percentage of consistent profitability.

The type of Robot Trading analysis most accessible to today’s retail trader is Technical Analysis. This centers around various studies such as Moving Averages and Stochastics which are used widely in mean reverting Robot Trading strategies.

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It is now very easy for any individual to automate their profitable trading strategy using TraderDesign. Create your own Robot which trades 24 hours a day automatically without any human intervention.

It is heavily advised that any Robot Trading system should be back tested before using real-money on a live account. Particularly when a Robot strategy has been purchase from one of the many websites which claim to have the holy-grail of trading systems.

Also, live forward testing on a demo account is crucial in any strategy design as it will give a much better overall picture of the profitability in current market conditions.

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